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Bespoke Rugs

Bespoke Broadloom carpet collection:

  • Connoisseur Collection
  • Campeone Collection

Bespoke Area Rugs:

Luxury Bespoke rugs

For those with the most demanding standards and impeccable taste, ITC Natural Luxury Flooring has a stunning range of bespoke rugs to grace the most elegant of settings. You may be looking for a rug to contrast with your fitted carpet or wood floor, or perhaps to complement a smaller bedroom. In addition to our standard range of wool rugs, you can also have a rug made from our extensive range of broadloom carpets. Simply select your choice and the size of rug you require*. Our choice is unrivalled, and for the private customer we offer rugs from our bespoke carpet ranges.

Whether for an open-plan penthouse or the curved contours of a private yacht, our bespoke carpet ranges feature designs in the most beautiful materials, including pure silk and 100% wool.

You will love our colour range - but if you want a shade which more exactly matches and complements your soft furnishings or curtains, then we will work with you to create the exact colour, even producing a sample of the finished product.*

Bespoke Couture collection

Browse our couture rug collection in 11 stunning styles. The colour is to your specification. Choices range from the pure silk silva to the 100% banana silk raphael, the all wool canterbury range to the subtle geometric patterns of the wellington carved selection; or the hand-woven velour of arentina and rosa.

Bespoke Connoiseur collection

Textures, style and taste hallmark the bespoke Connoiseur rug collection, and they can all be made to your bespoke specification. Each offers a distinctive feel and appearance, many fashioned from 100% wool, and all with that indefinable quality of taste and style. For those seeking a touch of antique elegance, our shifting sands collection precisely meets your aspirations, while the newly-introduced eco collection combines beauty with environmental and social responsibility, using 100% undyed wool and completely natural materials.

Bespoke Campeone collection

Our bespoke campeone rug collection features three ranges with three key qualities - durability, longevity and style - crafted, if you wish, to your colour specification.

For instance, cannes is a stunning carpet which looks and feels like silk, lustrous and soft to the touch. Our chablis selection offers an appearance of stylish sophistication to match the restrained elegance of the fine burgundy wines from which it takes it inspiration.

Bespoke rugs tested

Our bespoke rugs are rigorously tested by the british carpet technical centre to ensure that elegance and style are complemented by durability and safety.

*bespoke colour requirements require a minimum size order. Contact us for details.