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A solution dyed 100% 6.6 nylon stylish velour, which is contract rated and Stainmaster® treated product; ideal for any heavy usage location. A perfect alternative to a wool carpet.

  • Construction:
  • Tufted 1/8 cut pile
  • Pile Material:
  • 100% PA SDN Stainmaster®
  • Pile Weight:
  • ca. 3,20 kg / m2 +/- 7,5%
  • Total Weight:
  • ca. 3,90 kg / m2 +/- 7,5%
  • Backing:
  • Luxury backing
  • Widths:
  • 400 & 500 cm +/- 1%
  • TOG rating:
  • 1.63
  • Fire Classification:
  • Bfl-S1





Stainmaster® carpets feature fibre shield technology wich is resistant to virtuallity and type of food and liquid spills. For a durable, attractive and easy to clean carpet for your home, business or even your yacht a Stainmaster® carpet is the perfect choice.