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Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles: versatile, flexible and adaptable

Natural carpet tiles are a practical solution for any room, where access to the floor beneath is important. For example wool carpet tiles fitted in an Office, mean minimal upheaval should access be needed to attend to underfloor cables or wiring.

Carpet tiles bring interest tot a room

Another factor to consider is that individual tiles can be easily replaced in rooms where accidental damage occurs, without having to disrupt the whole room. Carpet tiles can be used to create a unique design by laying several different colours, to bring interest to a room, such as an office or a playroom.

Soiling resistance and antimicrobial treatment

The fibre blend used in ITC Carpet tiles is 100% PA Solution dyed, meaning it has exceptional resistance to soiling and facilitates the use of a recognised cleaning solution; so whether you are looking for Contract, Commercial or Heavy Domestic usage, ITC have a range to suit many different locations. ITC carpet tiles are have also been treated with Ultra-Fresh; an antimicrobial process to ensure the tiles are fresh, hygienic and odour free. Standard carpet tiles are 50cm x 50cm although our Chameleon carpets range can also be done as 100cm x 50cm.