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Hotel Carpets


The perfect hotel carpet combination - durability, longevity and style

Choosing a carpet for your hotel is underpinned by three key qualities - durability, longevity and style. ITC Natural Luxury Flooring has a detailed knowledge of hotel carpetsing, and offers a range of carpets and rugs to ensure those qualities are maintained, recognising the inevitable heavy footfall through lobby, reception, restaurant and bedrooms. Our choice is unrivalled, and these are among the most popular choices among our hotel clients.



is a stunning hotel carpet that looks and feels like silk - lustrous yet stain resistant, soft to the touch yet fully compliant to Bfl-SI fire standards, and outstandingly durable. Choose from a wide range of colours, and we can also produce bespoke rugs to match your carpet selection.



offers an appearance of stylish sophistication to match the restrained elegance of the fine Burgundy wine from which it takes its name. The velour pile and silky sheen is particularly popular in stylish hotel settings, and is also Bfl-SI fire certificated.



is a new introduction to our Campeone Collection of carpets particularly suitable for heavy wear. In stylish velour, Stainmaster treated, and fire certificated, it is the ideal hotel carpet. Our carpets are available in four- and five-metre widths, and we always guarantee to have them in stock.


Area Rugs

Providing a fashionable complement to our hotel carpets, or simply as a stand-alone statement of style, ITC Natural Luxury Flooring's brilliant range of hotel rugs provides a colourful contrast in a dazzling choice of styles and colours.

In many cases area rugs can be custom-made for your hotel through our bespoke service, and we scour the world for different materials, from fine New Zealand wool to hard-wearing and practical nylon. All our hotel carpets are rigorously tested by the British Carpet Technical Centre in Leeds to ensure that durability and safety complement elegance and style.