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Natural Carpets and rugs

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Natural carpets – Pure wool - Sisal - Coir - Pure silk

For high quality natural carpets and rugs, ITC Natural Luxury Flooring offers a beautiful selection of hand woven carpets using different natural materials, to fit perfectly with all interiors, from homes to hotels. Our extensive portfolio of naturally woven carpets and rugs include carpets made from pure wool, pure silk, sisal and coir.

Natural rugs: Pure wool rugs

Our Connoisseur Collection is a range of 7 fabulous 100% New Zealand pure Wool Carpets; offering all that is exciting in innovative and stylish products. The quality of the wool used by ITC, has a natural elasticity that allows the fibres to cope well with everyday footfall and to resists crushing caused by furniture. A carpet or rug made from pure wool is naturally resistant to soiling as loose dirt and dust particles stay near the tops of the fibres making them easier to remove through regular vacuuming.

Shifting Sands - Hand woven, Heavy Domestic- General Commercial use. The visual impact of the unique antique appearance is stunning. The look of this natural carpet has been achieved by hand tip-shearing a random selection of the pile. In 9 fabulous shades, including grey and cream, Shifting Sands is a perfect choice for a natural carpet with a stylish look.

Canterbury - Hand woven, cut and loop, Heavy Domestic. The contemporary textured ribbed design in 4 natural colour, including grey, makes this good looking natural carpet a perfect choice for style and durability.

Wellington - Hand woven velvet, Heavy Domestic. A classic carpet in 4 subtle colours, including grey, with a soft velvet finish. Looks and feels gorgeous.

Melbourne - Hand- woven, Heavy Domestic. The textured appearance of Melbourne, in 4 natural colours, including grey, gives a different look to a plain carpet.

Claremont - Heavy Domestic-Heavy Commercial use. Flat woven 100% wool 3 ply yarn, Herringbone design carpet. The natural texture and 6 fashionable contemporary colours, including cream, make Claremont a perfect choice for home or office

Eco Rib - Hand woven, cut and loop, Heavy Domestic-Heavy Commercial use. 100% natural undyed New Zealand wool. Soft to the touch, yet hard wearing and suitable for all domestic and heavy commercial locations. Also available as a plain velvet finish; Eco Velvet.

Natural sisal carpet

Sisal is a super tough, environmentally friendly fibre that is fashionable, hardwearing and practical. Sisal carpets and rugs are stylish, chic and durable; a perfect choice for high traffic areas where good looks and practicality are desirable.

Sisal is an excellent choice for stairs, as the coarse fibre allows the friction to form a firm grip. Add a contrasting border for stairs and hallways and transform a plain sisal carpet to a stunning new look for your home. Why not custom design your own Sisal carpet as these can be made in any length and any width up to 4m. Don’t forget to add that contrasting border to complete a unique look for your home.

ITC Natural Luxury flooring have a great selection of Sisal natural carpets in a huge choice of designs and colours; so there is bound to be one that is perfect for your home.

Small Boucle - Choose from 29 fabulous colours, including cream, grey, blue and black

Big Boucle - Check out the stunning dark pink and the stylish black colours.

Habana - 6 different widths available; ideal for stairs and hallways as minimal wastage incurred.

Kom Flatweave - If it is a natural colour you are looking for, then one of these 9 natural shades is sure to be the one.

Longweave - A stylish sisal in natural colours.

Sambrossa - A chunky looking sisal carpet in shades of grey or brown.

Tigra - Selection of 10 natural colours, including cream, grey and brown tones.

Natural coir carpets

Coir is made from the natural fibre harvested from the husk of the coconut. It is a coarse fibre and when made into carpet, has a gorgeous rustic appearance. This natural carpet works beautifully with other textures such as exposed brickwork or wooden beams.

ITC Natural Luxury Flooring have the popular designs of Herringbone, Panama and Boucle in 4m widths in shades between natural and bleached tones.

Pure silk carpets

A natural silk carpet has a rich sheen and a unique lustre and at ITC Natural Luxury Flooring our 100% pure silk carpet, Silva, from our Couture Collection of natural carpets, is of the very highest quality. Silva is exclusively custom made to individual requirements and we will colour match to your chosen colour.