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Penthouse Carpets


Penthouse carpets and rugs - where style and elegance are paramount

For those with the most demanding standards and impeccable taste, ITC Natural Luxury Flooring has a stunning range of penthouse carpets and bespoke rugs to grace the most elegant of settings. Our choice is unrivalled, and for the private customer we offer.


Connoisseur Collection

A fabulous range offering more than 50 different colours, each with its own distinctive feel and appearance, many fashioned from luxurious New Zealand wool, and all with that indefinable quality of taste and style.


Campeone Collection

If you are looking for a luxury penthouse carpet that is lustrous, silky and soft to the touch, then our Kensington, Cannes and Chablis styles are designed with you in mind. Practical too, as they are stain- and water-resistant, ensuring longevity and good looks.


Couture Collection

For those seeking a bespoke service for a perfect colour scheme, the Couture Collection is a gorgeous range of matching luxury carpets and rugs, made from materials such as pure silk.


Inspirational Rugs

Choose from our range of luxury penthouse rugs to tone with your choice of carpet. We can make a rug just for you in any size up to 500cm wide.


Luxury Penthouse Carpets and rugs to meet the most demanding brief

Whether for penthouse or private yacht, boardroom or bedroom, ITC Natural Luxury Flooring can meet the most demanding brief. We understand that many clients want to know that their luxury penthouse carpets and rugs are not only beautiful to look at, but also made to the most stringent environmental and socially responsible standards. Which is why our new Eco Collection, which comes in three styles, is made in India, using 100% superior quality undyed wool, completely natural materials, and without the chemical additives used in so many contemporary floor coverings. And all our luxury penthouse carpets are rigorously tested by the British Carpet Technical Centre in Leeds to ensure that durability and safety complement elegance and style.