Viscose Carpets

Viscose carpets for luxury at your feet

Viscose carpets from ITC Natural Luxury Flooring, are made from 100% Viscose, a natural fibre derived from cellulose. A characteristic of carpets made from pure Viscose is they have a lovely sheen and depending on how the light hits the surface, the colour of the carpet appears to change. A bespoke service is available, where both Elegance and Essence can be custom dyed to enable co-ordination with interior colour schemes.


Elegance:-Hand woven in 100% Viscose, Elegance viscose carpet handles and feels like velour. With 9 fashionable colours, including grey, black and cream to choose from, it is the perfect choice for a luxury General Domestic carpet.

Essence: The superfine handwoven, cut and loop construction of Essence, gives a stunning, shimmering effect, where the surface reflects the light from many angles. The unique antique appearance has been achieved by randomly hand tip-shearing the pile. Essence 100% viscose carpet is ideal for General Domestic locations and is available in 8 fabulous colours, including grey, cream and blue a perfect choice for those seeking a stylish and luxurious look.